Top 5 Reasons To Build A Guest House


Here is one constant in Florida besides the weather: value in property. The closer you get to the coast, the more valuable the property. Sure, Miami or Boca Raton or Orlando get most of the attention, but the better value and investment can be in areas like Tampa, Clearwater and St Petersburg. With the economy on an upswing and property values growing stronger, now is the time to consider building a guest house to make the most of your land.

There are several reasons why building a guest house is a good idea. There is no question about it: people love visiting Florida. There is no time of year that stops family and friends from wanting to visit. Once they find out you live close to the beach in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, you’ll be inundated with family and friends. But you don’t need be inundated with people crowding your space. Build a guest house and they can stay with  you, yet have everything their need in their own space, while you keep your sanity.

Building a guest house is not just for your inevitable visitors. It’s also for you. When your significant other has a gathering like a book club or poker night, the kids have a noisy sleepover, or you need privacy for a business meeting – whatever the reason – a guest house solves all of those problems and more. Having a business that you can run from home is often the dream of many entrepreneurs. No commuting is a huge draw. No traffic or city stress. A guest house can let you set up and run your business, hold meetings, or just work from home. A guest house that doubles as a business or office sure alleviates issues with space and distractions in your main home.

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